Jun 06 2020


10:00 am - 11:00 am

LLL Berkeley Virtual Meeting

Meeting ID: 712 5248 4754
Password: 123456
Just as with our in person meetings we will begin with a short introduction from our leaders and then go round robin discussing breastfeeding questions, issues, triumphs, and more! We welcome breastfeeding parents, partners, babies, toddlers, older children, and anyone who wishes to support breastfeeding. Any tech or zoom related questions can be sent to our leader, Erin, at (510) 289-5807.
LLL is a volunteer organization that offers breastfeeding information, encouragement, and mother-to-mother support. 
If you are in need breastfeeding support please reach out to our Leader, Erin, at any time. She can be reached over email at or by phone at (510) 289-5807.

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